Therapeutic Exercise and Chiropractic Care

Helping people help themselves is something I really enjoy doing; so if you are already an existing patient, you know I am passionate about the benefits of exercise.  It is pretty well known that exercise is good for your cardiovascular system; it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels, supports a healthy mood and strengthens your musculoskeletal system.  But, did you know that it can decrease headaches, neck and upper back pain, low back pain or sciatica pain?

Therapeutic exercise instruction is something I provide to most, if not all, of my patients.  I believe that chiropractic treatment including spinal and/or joint manipulation, physiotherapy modalities and therapeutic exercises bring about the best possible outcome for my patients.

Therapeutic exercises done at home complement the chiropractic treatment the patient receives in my office, and I believe it can actually support and increase the rate of the recovery process.  Furthermore, by performing therapeutic exercises at home, the patient takes on an active role in improving their own health.  The patient is literally helping themselves decrease their pain and muscle spasm and improve their muscle tone and strength.

A gym ball, resistance bands, light free weights, and stretching are all tools used in therapeutic exercises.  Even the patient’s own body weight can be used initially if their tolerance to exercise is low.  Therapeutic exercise instruction is provided according to each patient’s individual need or specific condition for which they are seeking chiropractic treatment.  Exercises are monitored and then modified as the patient makes progress.

Particularly as we age, it becomes increasingly important to strengthen and tone your musculoskeletal system so you can maintain an active lifestyle, reduce possible injury, improve flexibility and keep your body functioning at its best.

I hope this information will motivate you to take an active role in improving your health and encourage you to talk to your chiropractor about therapeutic exercises.  Please contact me at (530) 894-5990 if I can help you in reaching your health goals.