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Utilizing Hair Mineral Analysis to Identify Nutritional Deficiencies

Hair Mineral Analysis is most helpful for people who would like to know if symptoms they are experiencing are due to a nutritional deficiency and for individuals who are interested in improving their overall health, energy level or sports performance.  I like using Hair Mineral Analysis in my nutritional practice, as I have found that

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Tired, Exhausted and Stressed Out? How To Get Your Energy Back

Most Americans say that they feel stressed out and exhausted most of the time.  Their busy lifestyles; high, consistent family, financial and work stress; and fueling their bodies with caffeine, sugar, high energy drinks and junk food to keep going are all culprits in feeling chronically tired.  We are survivors! No matter how tired we

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Whey Protein Powder

Whey Pro Complete by Standard Process is probably one of my favorite nutritional products.  I believe this quality protein powder is an essential product to keep in the pantry at home. There are many benefits to getting enough protein.  Here are just a few: Protein helps build muscle and bone, it helps in tissue repair

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