My Goal for You

When you walk into my office, my goal is to meet and exceed your expectations about chiropractic care.  I really enjoy the one-on-one time I spend with each patient.  This time is really important to me, so I can listen to your needs, answer your questions, educate you on your condition and then discuss the best treatment options for you.  It also allows me to get to know you as a person, and I believe that is important too.

I begin with discussing your health history with you, performing a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination, and then possibly referring you out for X-Rays.  X-Rays are a great diagnostic tool, because I can visually see and examine the health of your spine, your vertebral discs, your shoulder or knee.  X-Rays allow me to provide you with a more specific and definitive diagnosis, as well as help me determine the best course of treatment.

During your chiropractic treatment, I like discussing your progress, answering any of your treatment questions and modifying your exercise program.  My primary goal is to relieve your pain and muscle spasm, increase your flexibility, improve your ability to do the things you love, improve your sports performance and just get you moving!

You will undergo chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy modalities and maybe even spinal traction.  I will also provide you with specific exercises you can do at home to help your condition so you recover faster.  Home exercise compliments the treatment that you are receiving in my office.  The entire treatment plan is for your specific condition, so you feel better as quickly as possible.

Patient ReviewI recently saw this review on the internet.  I am happy to say that although the review was written in 2011, this person is still a patient!

Good spinal health is so very important.  Yet many people overlook maintaining their spinal and joint health. So, once we have reached your health goal with treatment, it is important to occasionally have follow-up appointments so we can maintain your spine’s health and manage any chronic spinal condition you may have.  It is no different than seeing your dentist regularly to maintain good oral health.

So, I will say it again:  My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations for chiropractic care.  I hope you will give me the opportunity.