Hello Chico! About My Chiropractic Services

It was definitely a hard, tough decision to close my office in Auburn and relocate to Chico to be closer to family.  To all my Auburn patients, I was honored to care for you for so many years.  I was fortunate to have such loyal patients that many of you became not just patients, but friends too!  For many of my female patients, it was a privilege to treat you throughout your pregnancy and help relieve your low back and/or sciatica pain, and then have the opportunity to treat your children and watch them grow into young adults and go off to college.  I was fortunate enough to treat entire family members and become an integral part of improving each person’s life so they could have the opportunity to live the lifestyle they wanted!  I truly love my job, and am thankful that I could help so many people over the years live a healthier and more active life.

Now, a new chapter begins, and I am happy to report that my office in Chico is now open.  I look forward to welcoming and caring for people who suffer from all types of conditions, need pain relief and want to find out what is wrong their bodies.  I hope you take the time to look through my website for more detailed explanations of the services I offer and the conditions that can be treated through chiropractic treatment, nutrition or both. If you have looked through my website, you can see that not only am I focused on your health condition and improving it, but my ultimate goal is to get to the source of your pain or symptoms.  When you get established with my office for chiropractic care, you will receive a thorough examination.  Based on the outcome of the examination, X-Rays may or may not be medically necessary. I provide chiropractic adjustments along with physiotherapy at each office visit.  As a patient improves, I like to provide exercise instruction so that folks can do some strength and conditioning exercises at home to further improve their condition and speed up their recovery.  My goal is to get the patient back to their normal activity level and keep them there!

For the sports enthusiasts and weekend warriors, chiropractic care can maintain and improve your balance, increase your performance and your endurance.  Many active people have foot and knee issues which can be resolved through custom foot orthotics, which I offer in my practice.  These foot orthotics are literally one of a kind and will only fit you.  They are not pulled from a shelf for you to wear, but are built specifically for you from foot molds taken in my office.  These foot molds are taken while standing, because your body needs the most support when standing, not sitting or lying down.

As you can also see from the website, I provide Nutritional Response Testing.  Due to the decline of nutrients in our food supply and the overabundance of processed foods, we cannot eat well enough to keep our bodies functioning at its best.  For patients that are interested in improving their overall health and well-being by taking whole food supplements and increasing the nutrient intake that their body needs, I highly recommend the testing.  Only whole food nutrition has the ability to repair and rebuild your body so it performs at its best. Having the proper nutrients will restore your energy and stamina, among many other benefits.  Whole food nutritional supplementation is ideal for anybody wanting better health naturally, even children.

I also provide a number of tests that are analyzed by outside laboratories.  Two of the more frequent tests I utilize are Hair Mineral Analysis and saliva testing for hormonal issues.  Both of these tests are analyzed by reputable outside laboratories.  After analysis, the lab will issue a report on their findings to me.  Any report findings can then be addressed nutritionally in my office.

I also provide complimentary chiropractic consultations.  If you have never had chiropractic care, are wondering if you have a chiropractic condition or even need a second chiropractic opinion, all you need to do is call my office at (530) 894-5990 and schedule a 15-20 minute appointment.  I am more than happy to meet with you one-on-one at no charge.  This gives you the opportunity to meet me, get information on your health issue; and if you are considering getting established as a patient, this gives you the chance to see if my office is a good fit for you.

I believe you will find me a good listener and someone who is willing to meet you where you are.  I hope you take the opportunity and schedule the no charge consultation.  There is no risk or obligation.  I look forward to helping you in your health journey, whatever that may be.

In Good Health,
Dr. Cody McBee